Alta Labs Partners

Alta Labs is happy to partner with industry professionals to provide the best resources and opportunities for our customers

Captive WiFi helps leverage a venue's WiFi connection for clients and helps grow a solid base of marketing subscribers.
Hamina wireless makes tools for designing and analyzing a way to better WiFi, private 5G, and wireless IoT.
Intuitibits creates easy-to-use apps for wireless professionals and enthusiasts looking to monitor, validate, and troubleshoot wireless networks.
Industry-leading indoor location services platform: powering spaces with guest WiFi, digital wayfinding and asset tracking.
Designs and supplies semiconductors and telecommunications equipment, known globally as a leader in WiFi technology development.
Realtek, a Taiwanese semiconductor company, renowned for its reliable and advanced networking integrated circuits.
Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) is the global organization that connects people with the latest WiFi initiatives.
The industry association for innovative companies that deliver fixed wireless, fiber, and other reliable connectivity solutions.
The first blockchain-powered mobile carrier, providing revenue generating carrier offload opportunities for Alta Labs access points