The Benefit of Offering WiFi to Your Customers

May 17, 2024

In today's connected world, offering WiFi to customers has become quite common amongst businesses. By providing convenient internet access, businesses can improve the customer experience and attract more customers. 

A big benefit of offering WiFi is that it can help attract new customers. People are constantly on social media on their phones and they love to share their finds with others. Whether it’s posting a photo of a favorite meal at a local dining spot, a new beer at a local brewery, or the latest gear to support their favorite team, people love to post and all of their followers see these products and businesses.  

WiFi is also a service that many customers have come to expect, and it certainly enhances the appeal of visiting your business. Offering WiFi can also be a powerful marketing tool. Our Alta Labs management interface allows you to configure a hotspot for your Alta Labs access points. You can require users to sign up for an email list or follow your social media channels before they can connect to WiFi. This allows you to capture valuable customer data and stay in touch with them even after they leave your business.

Providing WiFi isn't just a great way to attract new customers; it can also help you retain existing ones. When customers know you have WiFi, they're more likely to spend more time in your establishment. They can browse your products or services, check their email, or even get some work done while they're there. We've actually heard stories of people visiting businesses simply because their WiFi is so good. This increased time spent in your business can lead to more purchases and increased customer loyalty.  

WiFi access also allows customers to stay entertained while they're out and about. For example, while waiting for a table at a restaurant, customers can use WiFi to browse the web, use social media, or check their email. This can make the wait more bearable and lead to a better overall experience.

Another benefit of providing WiFi in your business is increased efficiency. Employees can use the WiFi network to access important information and complete tasks more quickly, improving productivity and streamlining operations. Many restaurants and breweries have adopted online menus that can be accessed via a QR code. It’s important to provide reliable WiFi to customers so they can access these without issue. Online menus can also be updated easily and eliminate the need to print new menus whenever there is a change. Restaurant servers can take orders on a tablet or mobile device and send them directly to the kitchen using WiFi. This can speed up the ordering process, reduce errors, and improve overall customer satisfaction. Customers can even pay their checks with mobile payment devices provided by the server. The Alta Labs Cloud Management Interface has a very useful proprietary feature known as Multi-Password Authentication. It allows everyone at your establishment to connect to the same wireless network name (SSID), but depending on the password they use to connect, they will have different levels of network access. So your staff may have access to all of the essential business operation devices with the password you provide them, while customers can only access the web and social media with the password given to them to use. Our DPI Engine can even block unwanted applications or websites, so you can keep employees focused on business and customers safe in a family-friendly environment.  

Clearly, offering WiFi to customers is a smart business move and there are many benefits. From attracting new customers and retaining existing ones to improving efficiency and enhancing the customer experience, WiFi access is an essential part of our daily lives. So if you haven't already, consider providing WiFi to your customers and reap the rewards of a more connected and successful business. Click here to check out our Alta Labs management platform datasheet to read more about our Multi-Password Authentication, Hotspot Functionality, and all of the other amazing features we offer.