What is 4K-QAM?

May 17, 2024

The Alta Labs AP6-Pro Access Point features 4096 QAM, also known as 4K-QAM. QAM is a modulation scheme (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) and the number represents the number of constellation points. 4K-QAM is a key component of WiFi 7, the next generation of wireless technology. This new technology provides improved speed, coverage, and reliability. Our AP6-Pro is a WiFi 6 Access Point but utilizes this important feature. But what exactly is 4K-QAM? Let’s take a look. 

In simplest terms, 4K-QAM is an advanced modulation technique used to reduce interference and increase data throughput in a given frequency band. This modulation technique provides a more efficient use of air-time, making it ideal for applications like streaming video or online gaming where large amounts of data need to be transmitted quickly. 

4K-QAM works by packing 20% more bits per symbol in the modulation constellation. By increasing the number of bits per symbol on the four-stream AP6-Pro, the transmission rate increases significantly – up to four times faster than traditional 2.4 GHz modulations with two streams. This creates a more efficient use of spectrum capacity and increases overall system performance. Additionally, because 4K-QAM demands higher performing radio circuitry, performance of other data rates are improved across the board. 

Another major benefit of using 4K-QAM is that it allows more devices to access a single network without sacrificing performance or reliability. With traditional modulations, more devices on a single network would result in lower speeds and slower connections due to congestion caused by too many devices trying to access limited resources at once. With 4K-QAM, air-time usage is more efficient, leading to reduced latency and improved user experience.

4K-QAM provides an excellent foundation for managing today’s increasingly complex wireless networks. Whether you’re using your access points in a small business, commercial, or home setting, 4K-QAM can transform the way you use and interact with wireless technology.

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