Cloud-Based Management

December 11, 2023

It’s been an exciting time for us at Alta Labs. Our access points were launched earlier this year and now our line of switch products are making their way to distributors and customers. All of our products utilize our intuitive cloud-based management platform. The platform was built on a highly-available architecture with a redundant worldwide content delivery network to ensure optimal response and latency across the world. 

This blog post is not intended to cover all of the features of our cloud-based management platform. If you’d like in-depth information on the features, take a look at the datasheet or the videos on our YouTube channel. This blog post is intended to share the benefits of using a cloud-based platform and to give you peace of mind in doing so. We understand that a premise-based controller is sometimes warranted (and we are actively working on a robust solution for such situations), but we want to share with you the reasons we prioritized a cloud-based solution first and the advantages our customers will enjoy in the process.

Alta Labs is a division of Soundvision Technologies (SVT). SVT has more than 24 years of manufacturing experience and the forces behind Alta Labs have decades of network product development experience. Even with all of that experience, we understand that some installers are apprehensive when it comes to installing new brands. With that in mind, we have partnered with Codekeeper to give peace of mind to those that may have any concerns about installing our cloud-controlled products. Codekeeper is an independent third-party escrow company that can release our cloud source code to the general public in the improbable event that we are unable to continue hosting the cloud ourselves.     

Now, let’s talk about some of the benefits of using cloud-based management and why Alta Labs’ strategy is different from most of our competitors. Our platform is globally accessible with many layers of redundancy built-in (hardware, network, power, etc.). This is to ensure your network management is accessible with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. The platform is scalable, and service capacity automatically increases as demand increases.

Our cloud platform has been designed from scratch to enable configuration changes and allow you to see both historical and near real-time analytics and reports on your network health. In the rare chance the cloud infrastructure becomes unavailable, or if your Alta Labs equipment loses connectivity to the internet, your access points and switches still continue to function the exact same way as if they are still accessible through the management platform. This means that SSIDs continue to broadcast, our powerful roaming strategy continues to operate as client devices move between access points, the deep packet inspection engine built into each access point still blocks unwanted applications and URLs from desired wireless devices and even the most granular switch port profiles continue to operate. The only thing you won’t be able to do until access to the management platform is restored, is make configuration changes, or get access to the reporting and analytics features you love so much.

Here are some other core advantages of using Alta Labs’ cloud-based platform over an on-premise controller: 

  • Ease of Setup: There is no port forwarding required or certificates to set up. In addition to the pain of setting up a certificate, self-signed certificates are easy targets for man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. 
  • Reduced Complexity: We know you already have enough on your plate, and don’t need yet another piece of hardware/software to maintain, keep updated, and repair when issues arise.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: An on-premise controller can also appear to be free of charge, but technically there are costs associated with it. For example, there is the initial purchase of hardware to run the controller on, power, maintenance, space to house the controller and a network connection. Access to the Alta Labs management platform is included with the purchase of each access point and network switch. 
  • Reliability Built-In: Cloud-based management platforms are generally built in seismically secure facilities, with multiple power back ups (grid, generators, and battery) supporting the electrical demands, as well as multiple internet service providers delivering fiber into the facilities from geographically diverse routes. 
  • Security: We do not route, process, or store any of your network traffic through our platform. Our team also does not have access to any site unless they are invited by the site administrator. We also adhere to the following standards and have built this security into our platform:

    - Cloud Security Alliance Controls, CyberGRX, CyberVadis
    - ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 22301 (Security and Resilience), ISO 27001 (Security Management), ISO 27017 (Cloud Controls), ISO 27701 (Privacy Information Management), ISO 27018 (Personal Data)
    - AICPA SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 (Audit controls, security, availability, confidentiality)
    - Ability to enable Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for individual accounts within Alta Labs

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