The Alta Labs Team

May 17, 2024

In January, the Alta Labs team met up at corporate headquarters in Hurricane, Utah. Many members of the team had worked together for years at a previous employer but this was the first time most had met in person. The team participated in team building events on the first day of the festivities with basketball, golf, a hike in Zion National Park, and gaming opportunities available to choose from.

The second day consisted of team meetings and presentations. Alta Labs is a division of Soundvision Technologies. Division summaries of the previous year and road maps for the future inspired the teams. It was a highly productive day and a great way for the team to start the new year.

On our blog, we want to periodically showcase members of our team throughout the year. Let’s begin with one of our newest team members, Chris Buechler. Chris is joining Alta Labs as the Principal Architect. We’re so excited about Chris joining the team that we even created a press release announcing his arrival. As stated in the press release, Chris is an industry legend and Co-Founder of pfSense. Chris will be primarily focused on Alta Labs’ new Router and Switching products.

Widely known for his contributions in the networking and security industry, Chris was co-founder and project leader of pfSense. Chris led it from its inception to the most widely used open source firewall distribution in the world. He was also a significant contributor to the firewall distribution m0n0wall during its prime in the early 2000s. Chris is a published author and has spoken at dozens of conferences around the world on a variety of networking and computer security related topics.

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